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Christianity is one of the prominent religions in India. It is the third largest religion in India. Nearly 24 million people in India are the true followers of Christianity that constitutes to 2.3% of total population. Christianity arrived at 1st centaury here.

There are few very famous churches in India. Know more about them at famous in India.

St.Francis Church

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St.Francis Church in India is the oldest European church. This church is located in the Kochi. It was built originally in the year 1503. This church stands today in the evidence of history of Christianity in India. There is an interesting story associated with St.Francis Church. In 1503, the then Rajah of Kochi permitted Alphonso Alburquerque to build this church. It describes about the struggle of the European colonies in India. The famous Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama, died in Kochi in 1524 when he was on his third visit to India. And then his body was buried in this church only. But later the remains of his body were taken back to Libson in Portugal

The church became a protected monument in 1923. This church can be visited from the city of Ernakulam

Basilica of Bom Jesus

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Basilica of Bom Jesus is the most famous church in India. This church is located in the beach city Goa. This church was constructed in India in the year 1695. It is located near the capital city panjim of the state of Goa. Bom Jesus means good Jesus. This church is famous and sacred for Christians since it holds the remains of St Francis Xavier. Basilica of Bom Jesus church has been declared as the world heritage site. In this church the body of the holy saint is opened for public display and at that period of time the church is visited by millions of visitors, Indians as well as foreigners.


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Malayattoor church is one of the famous churches in India. This prominent Christian pilgrimage is located in the Ernakulam district of the state of Kerala in India. St. Thomas the Apostle was the one who started Christianity teachings in south India. He built this church in the Cochin region of Kerala. This church is also very old, it date backs nearly to 52 AD. This church is located at a hill top nearly 10 KM away from Kalady. Malayattoor church has been declared as the international pilgrimage spot by the Vatican.

This Shrine was promoted to Archdiocesan status by Archbishop Mar Varkey Vithayathil on 4th September 1998.

Santa Cruz Basilica

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Santa Cruz Basilica is one of the oldest and famous churches in India. This church was originally built by the Portuguese in the year 1505. It was later in the year 1558 that it was elevated to the cathedral by then Pope, Pope Paul IV. This church was spared by the Dutch people who invaded and destroyed many catholic buildings. This church is located in Kochi region in Kerala, state of southern India. Later this sacred building was demolished and renovated by the British in 1887 by the orders of Bishop Dom Gomez Vereira. In the year 1984 Santa Cruz was titled as Basilica by the Pope John Paul II.

Vallarpadam Church

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Vallarpadam Church is one of the famous pilgrimage spots in India. The famous church is here called as The Church of Our Lady of Ransom. This church is dedicated to the Mother Mary, mother of the Jesus. This church is named after Mother Mary who is also known as Vallarpadathamma. Initially this church was built by the Portuguese in the year 1524. But later it was destroyed by the Dutch. The present day Vallarpadam Church is was rebuilt in the year 1676. It is located in the Kochi, in the state of Kerala. This church is very sacred and has been declared a major pilgrim centre by the Union government of India in the year 1951.


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Velankanni is one of the most sacred Christian pilgrimages in India. Velankanni town is located at the sand shores of the Bay of Bengal. It is just at the distance of 12 KM from the famous coast of Coromandel. The town is famous for the shrine Basilica that is dedicated to 'Lady of health'. Velankanni has also been declared a holy city by the Pope. This shrine is considered as the divine city and it has been proved from the centauries. Velankanni is fondly known as the 'Lourdes of the East'. The shrine is a great combination of international, multicultural, and religious harmony.

There is an interesting practice here that pilgrims offer candles to the mother to cure themselves. Candles are in shape of the respective ailment- a heart in case of cardiac complications and lungs in case of tuberculosis and so on.

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