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Hazrat Shah Sabir Piya Kaliyari – Kaliyar Sharif

July 26th, 2012|Author : admin

Hazrat Shah Sabir Piya – Kaliyar Sharif (RoorKee-North Delhi)

Hazrat Sabir Piya
Image Credit : Salman Chishty

Hazrat Sheikh Alauddin Ali Ahmed As-Sabir was an Islamic Sufi.He was a Sufi of Great Stature and is revered by both Hindus and Muslims. The place where he is taking rest is Kaliyar,in Roorkee town of Uttarakhand India.The famous Dargah Kaliyar Sharif is now in existence for about 800 years. The arrival of Khwaja Makhdoom Alauddin Ahmed Sabir Pak popularly known as “Baba Sabir” at Kaliyar.He was in the Chisti Silsila of Khawaja Gharib Nawaz Ajmeri,The son of Ghous Pak, Hazrat Saif-ud-din Abdul Wahab, was born on the 17th Shahban 512 Hijri in between the two evening prayers Maghrib and Isha.In eleven years he acquired and completed all the worldly and spiritual knowledge from Ghous Pak and started teaching himself later. His followers are also called Sabri. His Urs is celebrated by millions of people every year in Kaliyar.

The History of Kaliyar sharif Dargah Always inspire more and more peoples to visit Sabir piya.In 1435, another saint, Qutbe-Alam-Shah was born. It is believed that one day when Qutbe-Alam was sweeping the floor of his grandfather’s graveyard, an old man passed by and said: “Please sweep my graveyard also.” This old man was none other than Baba Sabir’s image. Alam realised that it was time for him to go to Kaliyar. But before leaving for Kaliyar, Qutbe-Alam prayed for 40 days. It is said that Baba Sabir’s soul was so impressed with his austere reverence and humility that he withdrew his curse, shunned his wrath and allowed everyone to visit Kaliyar.

The Sultan of Delhi, Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah, hearing the news of Kaliyar’s devastation, was so scared that he pleaded Baba Farid for protection.Baba Farid consoled him but instructed him to stay twelve kos away from Kaliyar.F or 12 years, Baba Sabir stood under the Guler tree which is still there in Kaliyar.People who visit Kaliyar light candles around this tree.

The Guler Tree
Image Credit : Imran Sheikh

From this day onwards, Kaliyar Sharif became a famous pilgrim spot. Qutbe-Alam built Baba Sabir’s grave and a mosque at Kaliyar and visited it every month. Today Qutbe-Alam’s descendant, Shah Mansoor Aijaz Sabri is the religious head of Kaliyar Sharif.

A 15-day urs celebration is held each year at the shrine,in the month of Rabi’ al-awwal (May–June), and the dargah has become a symbol of national integrationEvery Urs is celebrated with a lot of fanfare in the month of May-June in Kaliyar Sharif. After a glimpse of the moon of Rabi-ul-awwal, the head priest goes to his old house (in Kaliyar village). Inside the room, he reads Khatam Sharif and walks out with a plate on his head. The plate has mehndi and dori in it. Next he goes to the dargah and reads the Fatiha. After this the dori is distributed to everyone. Mushaira and Qawwali take place at the dargah and the mood is festive.

Urs At Kaliyar sharif
Image Credit : sbfoundation

The dargah of Alauddin Sabir Kaliyari is Piran Kaliyar Sharif, seven kilometres from Roorkee, in Haridwar district, besides the Ganges canal, and Roorkee is approximately 160 km north of Delhi,and is approachable by a metalled road. By Rail Shatabdi Express is the best option, from Delhi to Dehradun via Saharanpur. or By Road Delhi via Meerut and Muzzafarnagar to Roorkee.

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